Confessions of a jewelry designer

I started my first Etsy shop back in 2012. I’ve been making jewelry as long as I can remember myself. And when I made a couple of statement necklaces out of pyssla beads and satin ribbon, I decided to open the shop. 
One thing brought the other, and I started working more and more with jewelry, searching for new techniques, supplies, and all these designs kept popping in my mind. And from there they were going straight to paper! 

All these years I have learned and thought a few things and I would like to share some with the world…. 

  • Well, jewelry designers are artists. We design pieces and create them from scratch. We’re not just makers of an object. We start from an idea, we put our energy and time, and feelings in every single piece. 
  • So, we don’t copy other people’s designs and it’s so frustrating when someone tells us “I would like you to make me this necklace I saw in the shop the other day”. The best answer for times like that is “No, I can’t, but you can take a look at my designs in my Etsy shop if you’d like”. 
  • We’re not available 24/7. Yes, many of us probably have our home as studio/headquarters of our small business, but we still have a life outside it and need breaks. 
  • We do what we love, but it’s still work. We work (very) long hours, we get tired and we do all these because we do need money for food/bills/etc.

Are you a designer, artist or a small business owner? Is there any thought you would like to add?                                                                                                                   


Colors & textures


The other day I was shopping for some jewelry supplies online and I joked to my mother “Look, mom, I’m watching porn”. And I turned the screen for her to see all the colorful beads.

Sparkle, color, bling, joy.

if you are a jewelry designer/maker or crafter, you definitely feel all this joy I’m feeling too, every time I see beads and ribbons, and all these beautiful supplies ❤