Necklaces, necklaces, necklaces



Colors & textures


The other day I was shopping for some jewelry supplies online and I joked to my mother “Look, mom, I’m watching porn”. And I turned the screen for her to see all the colorful beads.

Sparkle, color, bling, joy.

if you are a jewelry designer/maker or crafter, you definitely feel all this joy I’m feeling too, every time I see beads and ribbons, and all these beautiful supplies ❤

The story of “Daily Art by Angelina”.

My name is Angelina and I am the designer/maker/photographer behind “Daily Art by Angelina”. The brand might have started only four years ago, but its story goes way back…!

I’ve liked jewelry since I can remember myself. Even when I was little, my mom had bought me many pairs of fancy clip earrings to play with. And growing up I remember sitting on the floor of my room making bracelets with beads.

Years passed, I went deeper and deeper into arts and crafting, so in June of 2012, I decided to open my Etsy Shop… and until this day I love making unique pieces, using a variety of techniques and materials!

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great time going through my world!

xo Angelina

~ Crochet brooch from the Autumn ’16/Winter ’17 collection. ~